5 Ways to Keep Your Cool Flying With a Sensory Needs Toddler

Disclosure Statement Getting yourself through the airport and flying on an airplane as an adult is difficult enough let alone. Now try getting through the airport and flying with a sensory needs toddler. Are you getting nervous? How about getting through an airport and flying with a sensory needs toddler …. Alone. Wait, wait come […]

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Working Parents’ Cleaning Schedule

Disclosure Statement One thing that I’ve struggled with over the last two years is how to keep my house clean. My husband and I both work Full Time ( I work under 40 hours a week but he works OVER 40 hours a week) and have a LOT going on. Basically, most of our time […]

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Prosciutto, Peas and “Pasta”

One of my favorite meals to make is “Prosciutto Peas and Pasta”. There are so many wonderful things about this meal that make it easy to love. First of all, its so quick and easy to make. Second, I usually have the ingredients already on hand at any given time. Third, prosciutto is SO good! […]

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One and Done: A Year in Review

One and Done. Sometimes by choice and sometimes not. In our case, it was not by choice. Last year this time, we ended our infertility journey and began life raising an only child. We transferred our last two frozen embryos and neither one implanted. After posting a “farewell” to that chapter in my life (Farewell […]

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How Many Adults Does it Take To Put Together a Baby Toy?

Our garage has been collecting baby toys and toddler toys since Christmas of last year. It all started with the water table, but Thomas wasn’t walking last summer to use it. Then came his birthday, followed by another Christmas, followed by another birthday and here we are at our third summer together. Finally he is […]

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Keeping it Real… A True Life Blog Post

I’ve decided to take a more “keeping it real” approach to my blogging. I began blogging for fun but quickly got caught up and was stressed out big time. You don’t realize how much work goes into being a blogger until you get into it but man, it’s a crazy world. So here’s the thing…. […]

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A Mother’s Day re-Post from Last year….

Because I love this post… Because I’m too lazy or busy or both to write something new… Just because…   Mother’s Day is Over…and I’m Glad


How to Throw a Barnyard Birthday Party!

So sorry my faithful readers for leaving you high and dry for awhile. I haven’t had much time to blog since I’ve been planning my son’s second birthday barnyard party! We also had family in town and we wanted to spend as much time with all of them as possible! Previously, I gave you all a […]

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Rocking Motherhood? Why Yes I Am!

Hello again my friends! I am super excited to have been tagged by my fellow blogger friend Sarah over at Peterberries to participate in the “Rocking Motherhood Challenge” that was originally started by White Camellias. We as mothers can be so hard on ourselves that its nice to have a challenge like this to make us really […]

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Jord Watch Review & Giveaway!

Jord watch in packaging

Hi friends! Recently I was approached by Jord Watch to see if I’d be interested in doing a review on one of their watches in exchange for my honest review. Having seen the watches before, and really admiring their unique and creative look, I was so excited to jump at the opportunity! My husband is […]