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Shopping While Unprepared…

I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but I don’t really like to eat. Sure, I like my sweets or junk food, but when it comes to eating three square meals its a struggle most days. A lot of times on the weekend it is not unusual to go all day and realize at 3pm that I haven’t eaten all day. Matter of fact, when I was pregnant with Thomas I actually had to set the alarms on my phone to remind myself to eat. Crazy right?

However, having a little guy that needs good healthy food to grow big and strong? I need to be on top of this! Not only do I want to make sure he’s eating properly, this little guy is the total opposite of me. HE LOVES TO EAT!!!!  He will eat practically anything you put in front of him. Even sauerkraut. Yes, sauerkraut! Must be the German in him!


When Jim told me that he fed Thomas pickles for breakfast the other morning, I knew it was about time to make a grocery store run. I feel like I’m living at the grocery store with how much this child eats!!! Things were so much easier keeping the fridge stocked when no one was eating anything !

Getting to the store with a (almost) one year old? Production. Wow.

Before Thomas, I was overly prepared even for the most simple runs to the store.

  1. Cabinets and shelves inventory done
  2. Coupons were organized
  3. Sale items circled in the sales papers
  4. List made

Aaaaaand go.

Nowadays a trip to the grocery store is more like….

  1. Put sweater on Thomas
  2. Buckle Thomas into car seat
  3. Run upstairs and grab Puffs for Thomas
  4. Get my own shoes and coat on
  5. Put Thomas’ car seat in the car
  6. Realize I left wallet in his diaper bag
  7. Leave car to run back into house for said diaper bag which isn’t in the car
  8. Drive to store while loudly singing Taylor Swift songs to drown out screaming baby
  9. Get to store, unpack Thomas and diaper bag into cart
  10. Start going down baby aisle to see if there are any good deals
  11. Reach for coupon binder…….
  12. Realize coupon binder is on coffee table.

Shopping. Fail.


The good thing about having so many years experience in shopping the sales is that even when you forget to plan ahead of time, you still know what is a good deal. We spent $200 on groceries today, which is a lot more than I wanted to, but I still cashed in on a lot of great deals for quite a few meals!

Milk is on sale for $1.99    WOWZERS!!!   We didn’t really need milk yet but this was such a phenomenal price that I had to buy another gallon. I’ve heard mixed things about freezing milk so I only bought one gallon.

Chicken and pork tenderloins were B1G1  (Buy 1 Get 1 Free). This also is an amazing deal as well!  I bought 2lbs of Chicken Breast and 2lbs of Thin Chicken Tenderloins plus 2 seasoned Pork Tenderloins.

Fruit!!  Strawberries are 2 for $3.00. Say whaaaat?!?  Raspberries were $2.99 and Blueberries were $2.79.

All in all, I ended up saving $58.21 which was a 23% savings. Considering there were no coupons involved I guess I can’t complain!

Especially since I had such an adorable shopping buddy!




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