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Leaping For Joy!

I’m so sorry my “Sunday Funday” post is late, I totally ran out of time.

Ok, I’m lying. I actually have pretty decent time management skills. I was just really really tired.

Yeah, lying again. I was just lazy, haha.

Sometimes you finally give yourself permission to be done for the day. The kitchen is clean, the baby is asleep, the laundry is done/folded/put away, and you just say “Dude, I’m done”. That is about how I felt at 8pm last night so, here I am today instead.

Do you forgive me? If not, please keep reading and maybe this post will change your mind?

Pretty pleeeease?

Here is a run down of what a typical weekend coupon session in my house looks like.

  1. Open up the Sunday paper. I only get the Tribune and only on Sundays because this paper has the best coupons in the area and coupons are only on Sundays. Take note that if its a holiday weekend then there will be NO coupons! Plan yourself accordingly!



2.Sort through my coupon sorter. Taking out all the newly expired coupons helps save you loads of embarrassment in the grocery store checkout line! Unless sneaking things under the radar is your cup of tea then by all means try and slip those expired puppies in there. I won’t tell ….Jesus knows.

IMG_42663. Separate sales papers from coupon papers and begin to clip!!!  Now, I’m of the opinion that ALL coupons should be clipped regardless of if you use it or not. One thing I’ve learned in couponing is that you cannot be brand specific. Sure, you technically can, but you’ll miss out on a lot of great deals while waiting for your precious Charmin to go on sale when you could have just bought Cottonelle and have a dry bum. SeewhatImean?  Ok, ok, you got me. I don’t clip EVERY coupon. Obviously use discretion….. I don’t have cats so I don’t need kitty litter. No amount of discount could get me to spend money on something I have no use for. Same thing goes if you don’t have children…. DON’T CLIP OUT KIDS PRODUCT COUPONS. I mean, this is common sense. You all have that right?  Of course you do, you’re still reading aren’t you?! Ha ! You’re the best readers!

IMG_4240 IMG_4238

Now we have our coupons so then we have to look through our sales papers and see where we get the best deals for what we need. How do you know what you need? You need everything. Let’s just agree on that fact and we’ll become friends much quicker. Don’t buy everything in one trip though, that is just silly. I’ll give you a few tips in upcoming blog posts on how to determine when and how often to buy items. For now, lets just assume you buy the same items on a frequent basis that I do. If there is something in particular you like to buy on sale let me know and I’ll keep my eyes open for the best deal!

Most people assume Target and Costco is going to be the best and cheapest deal but you have to be smart about your shopping and know what your lowest and best price per item is….when you find it at that price, stock up! This will just come with experience I promise you but in the meantime I’ll help you with what I’ve learned!

Here are the items I’ve priced out this weekend and found to be the lowest and best prices…


Dish soap

Dawn 9oz bottle at Walgreens for $.74 after online coupon

Paper towels

Bounty 6 rolls at Walgreens for $4.74 or $.79/roll

Toilet paper

Charmin 12 rolls at Walgreens for $4.74 or $.39/roll  <~~~this is probably the cheapest per roll cost you will find. Buy many!

Laundry detergent

Arm & Hammer 100 loads at Walgreens for $6.99 or $.07/load <~~~ OMG buy buy buy this!!

Fabric softener/sheets

Downy 150 loads at Target for $9.99 or $.06/load <~~~ Also amazing price. I usually buy my fabric softener at Target. Sometimes they offer a gift card for multiple items purchased. Not this week though sorry!


Select Kelloggs cereal at Walgreens for 3/$5 after coupon in paper….which equates to $1.66/box.<~~~~ If you love sugar like my husband does? And you like to put milk on top and pretend its a healthy breakfast? Then by all means scoop this deal up!


Pampers Jumbo Pack at Walgreens for $5.99 after online coupon.


This week I will not be making any coupon runs mainly for the fact that I spent way more than intended last weekend at Jewel. However, I hope this post has helped you narrow down a few items to put on YOUR list this week!

Next Sunday Funday we will focus a little on using Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, Gift Cards, and Bonus Points!

See you then and thanks for reading!!

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