My newest hobby

As mentioned, I like to pick up hobbies one day at a time. If you’re thinking I pick up a new hobby every day that is an incorrect interpretation but I love that you think I have that much time on my hands. I like you!

Actually, this is quite the opposite. I like to pick up a new hobby one day and then not have it again the next. Here is last month’s project….crochet.


It’s a potholder, can’t you tell? Get your eyes checked! Its beautiful!

Anywho… my newest hobby is photography. I’ve been at this for more than a day though and so far I’m really enjoying it and hopeful this interest will stay around! Plus, I have a very interesting and photogenic subject who keeps me on my game. My 11 month old son!

There are many amazing and talented photographers in my area who could take the most breathtaking photos of my little guy I’m 100% sure of it. The only problem is that it is SOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, seriously? $300 every 3-6 months to put my baby on top of a box, try and make him stay still and get him to smile?

That’s about when I thought to myself,  “Self? You could do this!” and POOF! The Payne Photography Living Room Studio was instantly created!


Breathtaking and beautiful isn’t it?  Ok, maybe more tragically beautiful than anything but it’s a work in progress.

I hope!

A little backstory on my hobby….Last year for Christmas, my loving husband bought me a new camera so I could take nice photos of our little boy when he arrived. After knowing that I’d be missing out on every life stage with our Jack, I didn’t want to miss capturing a second of Thomas’ life. The camera he bought me was MUCH nicer than I had expected him to get me when I asked for a new camera. I really only requested something with equal or more than 16 megapixels and was thinking he’d get me one of those little pocket cameras. You could imagine the look on my face when I opened up my Nikon point and shoot! A camera that will actually take REAL photos!!! Omggggggggg I love my hubby!

Now, as I’m learning with my new hobby, a point and shoot is great but it doesn’t provide you with professional grade photos like a DSLR will. I approached the topic of upgrading my  PNS to a DSLR soon and somehow the conversation went from cameras to how my husband has holes in his socks and doesn’t need to buy new ones.

So yeah, we will work on that subject a little later.

Meantime? I need to learn how to use my PNS the best of my ability! With a little natural light in my living room and some expert editing, I’m wondering if I even need a DSLR at this point! My little camera comes up with some awesome stuff!

Check this out from our 11 month photo shoot last weekend let me know what you think!




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