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Smash Cake & Easter Photo Shoot

I’ve been pinning on my “1st Birthday” board since April 1, 2015 so you can imagine how excited I am that its time for Thomas’ party! I’m not as excited that my baby is turning into a non-toddling toddler, but I’m super excited about his party! ….and presents….haha. Just kidding , the celebration is truthfully way more important to me. I’m making a few decorations myself and will be happy to share once I’ve finished…which hopefully will be soon as his party is in 5 days, yikes!

Something exciting for you all in the meantime, as a little birthday snack (pun intended), is the cake smash! I had our neighbor come over and help me with the photo shoot and they turned out so cute! I’m really excited about this whole “in home studio” I’ve created. I think with more practice they will get even better in quality! Take THAT $300 photo shoots at studios in my area, NAH!!…(no offense…there are a LOT of talented people out there and maybe one day I’ll be on a Google search too, lol) ¬† so here they are in all their glory. Eeeeek!! Hope you all like them as much as I do!

I also did a quick Easter photo shoot with Thomas last weekend to try out my new camera. This blog is going to have much better pictures (and pictures on Instagram to match!) now that I have a DSLR! I read about the different cameras for awhile and finally decided on the Canon T5 with a kit lens of 18-45mm but then bought an addition lens , the Canon 50mm with 1.8 aperture. Let me tell you…. that lens takes AMAZING photos! Just a simple shot of Chesney on the couch and I was like, “Holy shit, I’m a photographer now”. Haha.

So here are the Easter shots of Thomas and then I’ll leave you all alone to browse through the¬†massive amounts of photos!

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