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My Son Has Growth Hormone Deficiency…

Last week Thomas had to have what’s called a “Growth Hormone Stimulation Test”. Jim took him to have it done because it was just too much for me. One thing I’m learning to do is admit when I’m not strong. To see my baby with an IV and have to watch him uncomfortable , and probably in a little pain, for 4 hours just wasn’t something I’m up to these days.

They said they would call me Monday¬†with results. I sat at work all day with my phone on my desk. Then, I drove home with the radio off so I wouldn’t miss the sound of my phone ringing. Nope, they didn’t call. Yesterday morning I decided to just give them a call myself. The MA spoke to me and asked “If you were a betting person…what would you bet the results of the test were?” To which I replied, “I think he failed the test and has Growth Hormone Deficiency”. Yes, I’m right, he does.

Immediately I was transported back in time 25 years and saw that 10 year old girl. The one that looked like a 5 year old. The one who got picked up and spun around by children 2-3 grades younger because they were bigger and taller than her. The one who was told by a teacher “Maybe your parents should tie your arms and legs to the bed so you’ll grow”. The one who spent year after year in gym class unable to jump hurdles and would hide in the bathroom most days. The one who was embarrassed to go to day care after school because it required you to take a van….a van¬†that was too high for her to get in and had to be lifted. The one who didn’t lose any of her own teeth and had multiple oral surgeries. The one who was always forced to be on the top of the cheer-leading pyramids because she was so small….despite her intense fear of heights.

It’s so hard to separate my past from my son’s future. I just have to keep remembering that he is a different person. He is being given a better chance at growing at a normal rate because we caught this so early. Regardless of any feelings that I have of letting him down by passing this on to him, he is being treated now. He won’t go to school and feel the repercussions of his height. Granted, he still could be the smallest kid in class….someone has to be the smallest after all. I’m just happy we have doctors available to us that listen to me and my concerns and take me seriously. Most of the time I’m a hypochondriac but 90% I have legitimate concerns.

Next step, he does need an MRI to completely rule out the possibility of a tumor. I’m not thrilled with that idea as he will need to be sedated but the quicker we get that done the sooner he can start medication. Growth Hormone is SO expensive though and I’m really hoping there is no issues with insurance on this. When I was a kid, my dad’s insurance covered it 100% practically. I believe back then the cost was around $30k so lord only knows what it costs today. One step at a time.


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2 thoughts on “My Son Has Growth Hormone Deficiency…

  1. I feel that too already…Thomas’s journey isn’t going to be the same as yours…it’s going to be way better…and he is going to have his tough times, but he has you…he has all that love, support, and inner knowledge you have of what he is going through. His experiences are going to make him a fantastic man like his wonderful mommy and unfortunately he has to go through the bad ones too, but his journey will be better because of you <3

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