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So Long My Dear Friend. I Will NOT Miss You.

As of today I’m saying farewell to the infertility journey and turning a page in our book of life to the next chapter. Our FET with our last two embryos was a big old fail.

Our family is complete and I will never again in my life worry about…….

  • Follistim, Menopur, Ganirelix, Ovidril, Lupron, Lovenox, etc…
  • numbers of follicles
  • numbers of mature and fertilized eggs
  • OHSS and drowning in Gatorade
  • quality of embryos
  • embryo storage fees
  • estrogen levels
  • progesterone levels
  • Hysteroscopys
  • Saline ultrasounds
  • Lupron
  • how many millimeters my uterine lining measures
  • how many embryos survived the thaw
  • two week waits
  • Did I mention Lupron???
  • faint positive tests that disappear overnight
  • betas less than zero
  • those sad pitful “I’m so sorry” comments.

I have the MOST amazing son ever and everything I’ve done to have him is beyond worth the pain and suffering (mental and physical). I wouldn’t change a thing. Did I want a sibling for my son? Yes, of course. Why else would we do another FET? I had dreams of having 3 children years ago but time only shows you that your dreams can only take you so far. Life is not always about having all your dreams come true. If a part of it comes true then you have achieved so much more than many people in this world and be thankful. Having said that….

I’m done. We’re done. We’re a family. We’ve moving on.

This feels good.


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