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Top 3 Virtues My Not-so Lazy Baby Has Taught Me.

They say that a baby’s temperament in the womb may dictate their personality in the world. I’m not saying it’s true for all but for my little boy he set the path for the future for sure.

Every milestone has a range of “normal” times that a child should accomplish them. My son is always on the slowest end of normal and sometimes even pushing just to the brink of “abnormal”.

He rolled over once at 4 months old then wouldn’t do it again until close to 7 months old. He sat up once at 5 months old then wouldn’t sit unassisted until almost 8 months old. He started rocking on hands and knees at 6 months. Everyone said “This kid is going to take off crawling any day now!!” Even a geneticist that we saw said “With all that he’s doing it will only be another week or two before he crawls”. Guess when he crawled? 2 weeks before his first birthday. Yes, an 11.5 month old crawler. UGH, CHILD! But I tell you what…when he crawled for that first time? It wasn’t one of those weak crawls it was a full on, straight across the room, like he’d been doing it for months, type of crawl.

So basically I’d prefer to call my son “Stubborn” or “A Perfectionist” but not “Lazy” by any means! I would ask you to come to my house and watch him for an hour and try to call him Lazy!

I’m sure you can guess at this point in the blog post, but my son is now over 15 months old and NOT WALKING!!  Are we surprised? Nope! Are we concerned? Ehh, maybe. It’s hard to not be concerned with your children even if we see their patterns and they keep to them. I’m 99.9% sure that he CAN walk but he chooses NOT to walk because he doesn’t have it down pact yet. A few weeks ago he stepped toward me to grab a toy. The look on his face was almost like disappointment maybe? He looked like “Oh no! I let her see that I can do this! I don’t have it to a science yet! Eeeeekkk!!!”

I’d like to thank Thomas for all he has taught me the last 15 months and look forward to what he will teach me in the future. For now I’ve compiled a list of  “Top 3 Virtues” that I feel have been strengthened thanks to my little “lazy” baby….


Patience– This is number one and top of the chart for many reasons. Throughout the years waiting for my son, I had to be patient. Did I want to be patient? No. Did I want my baby now? Yes! However, you learn through infertility that sometimes you just have no control or choice in the matter. You can either be patient or drive yourself mad. After Thomas was born, everything has been about patience. He wasn’t (still isn’t) growing and fitting in proper size clothes….he had terrible reflux and cried and cried for months….and most lately with his delayed milestones. I have to learn that all things will happen in time. He won’t go to kindergarten not walking so what does it matter if he walked months ago or he walks in 3 months from now? He will do it eventually.

Appreciation— Life! What is this place anyways?!? Life is so fragile and I know this first hand how easily it can slip away. I’ve learned that every day is a gift and even when its a bad day with Thomas being crabby or tired, it’s so much better than having a bad day without him.

Humility– This one especially as Thomas gets older although there have been many lessons before. I can’t even tell you how frustrating it is to have someone ask “Oh 15 months, so he’s running around now right?” and have to say “Well…no, he won’t even stand up on his own yet” and watch their face melt into something I can only describe as the “OhI’mSoSorry Face” like I have a mutant child who doesn’t walk. I’ve had to get over the embarrassment it was causing me and own it. “Yeah he doesn’t walk… he doesn’t speak Spanish either. I think something is wrong”




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