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Weight Loss Wednesday

So this is a new idea I’m going to try to see if blog accountability helps keep me on track for my goals!  Thanks to my blogger friend Colleen for the idea, you’re a smart cookie. Oh wait…no cookies! You’re a smart…. cucumber! Ha!

Maybe I should give a little backstory first before diving into this new themed blog activity? I’ve always had trouble with my weight ever since I was a child. I (as you already know) had Growth Hormone Deficiency and part of that disorder can effect your metabolism. I’d never say I was overweight to an unhealthy point but I’ve very rarely in my life been in a normal BMI range. Perhaps at some point in college I was? Before beer? Ok, so maybe not in college.

At any rate, nearly all my excess weight is carried in my stomach. Most people joke about looking at a piece of cake and gaining 5lbs….its true. It happens. Not a lie. Ok, its a lie, but no joke… if I eat a piece of cake I’m usually heavier in the morning. My body just engulfs sugar and carbs like we’re in starvation mode.


I’m a whopping 5″1.75′  which I generally round up to 5’2. I’ve struggled with getting to my goal weight of somewhere around 120 lbs for nearly a decade. This is the closest I’ve ever been and I’m determined to make it there!  If I couldn’t be a skinny mini in my 20s when I was single and ready to mingle then I want to be a MILF! Haha ok ok, stop laughing. We all know I won’t ever be a MILF but I can aspire to be a skinny 35 year old momma at least right? I had a minor set back recently with all the weight I gained from the Estrace and Progesterone for my last frozen cycle. It’s mind boggling to me how in such a short amount of time, hormones can totally wreck the progress you’ve made. In just two months, I had gained 6lbs of what I’ve been working so hard to lose and keep off since Thomas was born. I’m not going to let that phase me and have been really focusing the last week or two on getting back to where I started. I’m only 2lbs away from my weight last March. Ahhhh! So close!!

Here is where I’m at now….

Starting Weight:  136.7 lbs

Goal Weight: 120 lbs.

Anticipated Date to Accomplish: Oct. 1st, 2016  (just in time for our trip to Vegas baby!)

Other Goals Besides Weight Loss:  #1. Strengthen muscles/Tone up—-#2. Increase movement and decrease pain in hips—-#3. (Long term goal) Run/Walk a 10k—– #4. Actually run a full 5k. No walking!—–#5. Fix knees and hips before running , LOL

Ways I will be healthy and active this week:  A big #1 is throwing away all the cupcakes my in-laws dropped off at our house yesterday. Nothing says “Let’s get fat!” like a big plate of cake!! LOL —–#2. Thomas and I are going to the zoo with our friends on Friday and I will be interested to see how many steps I get in. Probably a lot!——#3. Keep up with MFP (My Fitness Pal) and document all food. I’m on a strict 1200 calorie a day plan but allow myself to go over a little bit if needed. Last night I had 1,216 calories, haha AHHHH the world is not ending. It will all be ok. Breathe. LOL—–  #4. Take at least one walk with Thomas after work in our neighborhood and maybe stop at the park if its not too hot.




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