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Wine Review!


Looking for a new red wine to try? Lucky for you, my husband and I had nothing better to do tonight than buy a box of wine at Binny’s Beverage Depot and try them all! The following bottles of wine were picked solely on two things: Price and Label. I LOVE finding new wines under $20…and under $10 is even better! All of these wines wereall under $15 and the label “spoke to me” haha. We cracked open all of these bottles to sip and rate so that I could share the information with all of you! Nice of me isn’t it?

Without further ado…here are the reviews!

  1. Il Bastardo (Rosso di Toscana)– We gave it a 4 star review. It’s a bit bitter and has a woodsy taste but all around it was a really nice taste for the price.
  2. Lucious Vines (Moscato/Pinot Noir Blend)– We gave this 4 stars and for me it could possibly have been given a 5/5. This wine reminded me a lot of the Barefoot Pink Moscoto….which I love!
  3. Little Black Dress (Merlot)– We gave this 3 stars. To smell the wine, it seemed like the taste would be more fruity. There were slight undertones of blackberry in the aftertaste but it was mostly masked by the bitterness.
  4. Barefoot Winter Blend– We gave this 4 stars and really enjoyed it! It is definitely a winter wine with its spicy, blackberry and vanilla hints. It reminded us both of gluehwein, a German spice wine, if you have had that before.
  5. Layer Cake (Shiraz)– We gave this one 2 stars and neither one of us really liked it much. It was rather strong and bitter tasting. We aren’t wine connoisseurs so its hard to say if it is Shiraz in general or just this particular type that tastes like this.
  6. Two Vines (Cabernet)-We gave this one 4 stars based on its nice cherry taste which was just perfect and not too overpowering!
  7. Naked Grape (Pinot Noir)– We gave this one 3 stars. It wasn’t terrible but it was a bit watery and too light for our taste. It wasn’t bitter though and did have a nice fruity taste to it.

Well that’s the end of our fun project this evening and I hope you all enjoyed the reviews! While Binny’s is a Chicagoland store I’m sure other wine/beer specialty shops would carry these too.

This project was so much fun in fact, that I think we will have to do it again soon! Eventually I’ll have enough “data” to list my top favorites in the categories but it’s a work in progress. Stay tuned…and feel free to drop me some suggestions of other wines to try!

Oh, and by the way, if you live in my area…. who wants to come over and help me drink the rest of these bottles?!?

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