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Book of the Month Club

I love to read…yet sometimes I just don’t know WHAT to read! Do you have this problem too? It’s frustrating especially when all you want to do is pick up a new book and be wrapped up in it with the first chapter.

I have a very short attention span so my books really need to Wow! me quick otherwise I find it very difficult to finish, if I finish it at all.

To find suggestions for new books to read can sometimes be difficult. Most of the books I’ve read have been recommendations from either friends of mine or from Pinterest. I have a board called “Books” if you want to check it out! On the other hand, sometimes there are TOO MANY suggestions and they ALL look great!

Recently, I came across something called “Book of the Month” club. You get a book each month and online access to discussions as well. Its like being part of a book club without ever having to leave the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home! This is perfect! You can also add additional books onto your month order for an additional cost. If you can’t make up your mind between the suggestions they give you that month, you can get a couple! Problem solved!

My first month’s choice was called “You Will Know Me” by Megan Abbott. It arrived in a nice box with a fancy red ribbon and it was so exciting getting a book in the mail that I had to start reading it right away!

As for the book itself, it was slightly different from what I would normally choose for myself but it captured my interest right away. Without giving the whole book away, its a story of a gymnastics star, her family dynamics, and the death of a supporting character. There are twists and turns and honestly it ended strangely to me… I feel like there could have been an alternate ending or two other than the one the author chose. It’s not necessarily a bad ending, just not expected (in my opinion at least).

Check out this book…and Book of the Month Club and let me know what you think of both!


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6 thoughts on “Book of the Month Club

  1. That is a neat idea, I often don’t know what to read either. I like so many different types of stories. Sometimes it’s nice to just go to Barnes & Nobles to peruse what’s out and then I’ll find something.

  2. This book seems intriguing, even though you weren’t able to disclose too much info! I’m pretty interested… especially by how it caught you off guard in the ending.
    I’m also interested in this book club- that’s so cool that you received a book in the mail with a ribbon on it! Very exciting.

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