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Review on L’Oreal Age Perfect Creams

Recently I had signed up for a few influencer marketing programs in hopes of getting some really cool products to try out in exchange for my review. Not only is getting free stuff awesome but…let’s be honest, its an easy blog post to keep my flow going!

My first chance at being an “influencer” arrived last month, thanks to BzzAgent!! It’s a set from L’Oreal’s Age Perfect line. They sent me day cream, night cream, and eye cream. This could not have come to my doorstep at a more perfect time as I’ve been looking for something like this! Now that I’m in my mid-30s, my skin just isn’t as nice and firm as it used to be. Its dry, red, and my eyes are puffy. Please L’Oreal help me!

According to the L’Oreal website, the products are supposed to “Target 5 signs of aging at once: 1. Visibly Diminishes Dark Circles. 2. Reduces The Appearance of puffiness. 3. Helps Reduce Under-eye Bags. 4. Minimizes The Appearance Of Crow’s Feet. 5. Smoothes The Look Of Crepiness.”

I took some before and after photos so you can see the difference. Keep reading for my review… please note, this is not a paid advertisement. I was sent these products complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

Day 1– No noticable results. Duh. What I DID notice though is the smell of the day and night creams. AH-FREAKIN-MAZING. Subtle but noticeable and very feminine! I love catching of whiff of it throughout the day!

Day 3– No noticeable results yet. What I did notice though… I woke up this morning and my face didn’t feel tight and dry like it usually does when I first wake up. The eye cream claims that you will see results in 24 hours. I, however, have a horrible cold that seems to have gone to….you guessed it….my eyes. I’m pretty sure L’Oreal would need a blow torch in there to get rid of the bags of an eye cold.

Week 1– I’ve noticed that my skin looks brighter. What I thought was a cold in my eye might possibly be me applying the eye cream incorrectly. I Google’ed eye cream allergy but came across articles saying “Don’t put eye cream on your eye lids”. Guess who is putting eye cream on her eye lids. Yup. Me. As for lines and wrinkles, I haven’t really noticed a huge difference just yet. Hopefully soon!

Week 2– I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to something in the eye cream. I stopped putting it on my eye lids but I’m still waking up with my eyes swollen. I’m going to try and using less and every other night instead to see if that works. I feel like the photos my eye bags are larger because of the swelling. As for the creams, I’m liking them! I’m noticing the day cream is running out a lot quicker than the night cream because it’s thinner based. I do feel like my skin is smoother and younger looking. I think the redness on my forehead seems to be calming down too. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Week 3– I’m really unsure about the situation with my eyes. I can’t decide if its eye cream or allergies. Its coming and going no matter what. Soooo….I’m just going to keep using it. As for the other products, I’m noticing some definite changes in my skin. Its soft and glowing and a few days I’ve even left the house without any concealer or foundation on. Mainly because I was lazy , but the way my skin is looking I don’t feel bad about it at least! Looking forward to finishing this up this campaign next week!

Week 4– Well, it’s my last week for the review. I still have about half a container of each left so that at least shows you that these products will last you approximately two months each. For the cost of the product, it is always a plus that you get the most bang for your buck. As for my skin, let’s go back to what the product claims to do for you… 1. Visibly Diminishes Dark Circles. 2. Reduces The Appearance of puffiness. 3. Helps Reduce Under-eye Bags. 4. Minimizes The Appearance Of Crow’s Feet. 5. Smoothes The Look Of Crepiness

Did it diminish dark circles? Well, I didn’t really have dark circles but I do feel like the skin around my eyes is brighter.

Did it reduce appearance of puffiness and/or reduce under eye bags? Uh, no, it did not. However, it’s possible that there is an ingredient that I’m allergic to in the eye cream so it’s hard to say for sure if it would have, had I been able to use it every day for the month. I, also, have a crabby teething toddler with reoccuring ear infections and haven’t gotten much sleep lately. So pretty much nothing can help me there unless L’Oreal makes a product called “Sleeping toddler”.

Did it minimize the appearance of crow’s feet? In my opinion, maybe a little but not really.

Did it smooth the look of crepiness? Yes, I believe it did. In addition to that, it reduced the amount of dryness on my skin and made it feel a lot more moisturized and refreshed. I felt like the appearance of my skin in general is better after a month of using these products and I have a glowing look to me now, even without my makeup on. When I put even just a primer or a BB cream on, I look a lot more put together.

Will I buy this again? Honestly, I may eventually circle around back to these products at some point, but only the day/night creams and not the eye cream.


Before and After Photos (apologies for the eyebrows…trying to grow them in!…also apologies for all photos with NOOOOO makeup , LOL )-


Week 1-

Week 2-


Week 3-

Week 4-

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  1. You are too cute! I love your review and enthusiasm! I feel you about being in my mid-30’s and feeling like my skin isn’t quite the same as my skin from earlier years. It could be having kids too though! I blame every wrinkle on my son! 😆 Thank you for such an honest review!

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