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How Many Adults Does it Take To Put Together a Baby Toy?

Our garage has been collecting baby toys and toddler toys since Christmas of last year. It all started with the water table, but Thomas wasn’t walking last summer to use it. Then came his birthday, followed by another Christmas, followed by another birthday and here we are at our third summer together. Finally he is old enough to play with these toys!

My husband and I decided to dedicate this weekend to putting everything together. Our backyard was pretty boring with only the one small bubble mower for Thomas to play with. He began cleaning out the garage and sorting through things to donate while bringing the boxes to the backyard where I was stationed at the “set up” zone.

First task…the water table. My biggest piece of advice for any parents thinking of getting their kids a water table? Buy one used that is already put together! Gah! Seriously, it took me TWO HOURS and I needed help from my husband twice and had to resort to using the power drill at some points. For a water table!! Why do parents need a Master’s Degree in order to put together a baby toy? Thank the lord he freaking loves it so it’s all worth it in the end!

Find this water table at Target here…

Next baby toy? The sandbox. Whoever manufactured this sandbox is my hero. We opened the box and it was literally two pieces…the sandbox and the lid. Done and done! Its the “Step2 Play and Store Sandbox” if you’re interested in getting it. I don’t think they have it at Target or I’d link it for you!

After that came the sports climber. This is a really cute toy that Thomas will really grow with! It has a wall to climb, tunnel, slide, and basketball hoop all in one. It was a this point that I decided it was time for a Summer Shandy despite being only 11:30am. This toy wasn’t all that difficult to put together so I felt confident in sitting down and drinking my beer and “helping” my husband from the sidelines. Find it at Target here…

Tomorrow we still have the Cozy Coupe left to put together. When we opened THAT box it actually had a label on it that said “For video with assembly instructions, go to” and it was with that that we closed the box back up and said “Eff that.” So yeah, tomorrow should be fun. Good thing I have 5 more Summer Shandy bottles in the fridge!

At least my baby is happy and has fun toys to play and be active with outside, right? He has to burn off those chocolate munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts somehow afterall….

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