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A Mother’s Day re-Post from Last year….

Because I love this post… Because I’m too lazy or busy or both to write something new… Just because…   Mother’s Day is Over…and I’m Glad Please follow and like us:


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Happy Blog-iversary!!!

While I’ve only been “One Pea In The Pod” since October of 2016…I technically started blogging here one year ago today! I originally started out as “Coupons and Coffee Cups” because I live my life based on sales and coffee. While this is all true, I felt like that wasn’t the direction I wanted my […]

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The Art of Saying ‘No’: Should You Give Your Kids Everything They Ask For?

Hey everyone! Today on the blog we’re so excited to have a guest post from Tracey Clayton! Tracey is writing about a topic that we as parents face on a daily basis…how to say no! Hope you enjoy the read as much as I did! The Art of Saying ‘No’: Should You Give Your Kids […]

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How to Prepare Your Child (and yourself!) for a 24 hour EEG – Part 2!

We finally were able to complete the 24 hour EEG yesterday …finally! If you recall my first post in Part 1  we were supposed to have this done almost a month ago but the original hospital didn’t have any beds available for us. We rescheduled with a different hospital for yesterday and now I’m able to […]

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February Book of the Month!

It’s time for another book from my Book of the Month club!

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Commence Birthday Party Planning Mode!

I can’t believe its almost time for my son’s 2nd birthday! Check out the blog today for a recap of last year and plans for this year’s party!

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5 Tips To Get One Push of the Snooze Button…

Looking for ways to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning? Check out my top 5 tips for one extra push of the snooze button!

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How to Create an In-Home Photography Studio for $50

Looking for an inexpensive way to set up an in home photography studio? Check this out!

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Freeze Dried Fruit For the Win!

We’ve gotten hooked on freeze dried fruit in our house! Check out some of our favorites!

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PTSD= Pretty Tough Shit to Deal with

After two years of suffering with anxiety and PTSD, I have made a small step towards healing my mind!

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