Hello From the Other Side

As it is NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) I thought I would take a lighthearted approach to another variation of supporting friends or family with infertility. By having a child, the pain that was endured getting to that point does not automatically disappear. For some, it never goes away. Every pregnancy announcement and baby shower is just as difficult as …

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Pretty sure I’ve lost my mind…

We’ve decided to start preparing for one last FET cycle with our last two frozen embryos. We have also made a decision that this is our last round at this crazy roller coaster ride here in infertility land. If it works it works and if it doesn’t then Thomas is the only child we will parent on Earth.

On one hand I’m excited at the possibility of having another child and hopefully a living sibling for Thomas. On the other hand I’m freaking the EFFFFF out.


Can I handle being on medication again?

How am I going to arrange monitoring appointments with a toddler?

What if it doesn’t work?  Am I going to be ok with parenting only one child on Earth? I say I am but we all know how this all goes….especially once pregnancy announcements start rolling in again…


What if it DOES work?

If I get pregnant….I’m going to be pregnant….. commence freak out….

How will I handle so many doctor appointments with a toddler?

Will I get Gestational Diabetes again?

Will that baby die?

Will I die ?

Will he/she have a brain malformation like Jack?

Should I try for a VBAC since my C-Section was so scary ( Thomas’ Birth Story )   ?

If I have to have a repeat C-Section can I request to be put under right away?

How will I balance my time with two children?

Doesn’t Thomas deserve to have us all to himself after the struggle we had to bring him here?


These are the thoughts of an over anxious thinker like moi , however, I suppose like with everything else I’ve been through I have to just take one step at a time.

First step….tomorrow I will go in for bloodwork and an ultrasound and go from there!


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Tonight …

Tonight I will put my son to sleep as a baby for the last time. When he wakes up he will be considered a toddler. A “non-toddling” toddler if you will. How did this happen? It all went too fast and it scares me to think of the future going just as fast as well! Last year this time my …

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My newest hobby

As mentioned, I like to pick up hobbies one day at a time. If you’re thinking I pick up a new hobby every day that is an incorrect interpretation but I love that you think I have that much time on my hands. I like you! Actually, this is quite the opposite. I like to pick up a new hobby …

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Jumping right in…

I keep hemming and hawing about what to write as my first blog post. I want something memorable and entertaining and funny and informative…. damned if I’ve got nothing! So I guess I’ll just wing it! If you had time to browse through “The Kids” section then you’ll know that my little guy Thomas is a pretty special baby to …

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