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Tonight…He called me Mama


He said it!

It wasn’t just babbling. He said “mama” directly to me because I am his mama and he understood it. He saw my face and knew that was his mama.

All those days and nights and long afternoons with no naps thinking to myself, he doesn’t even know I’m his mama. I kept going and pushing through the frustration knowing one day it would happen and he would know who I was.

Yesterday was finally that day. I waited 21 months and 4 days to hear those words come out of that little mouth with that tiny little voice.

It was amazing, perfect, adorable and totally worth the wait.




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Capturing Our Chaos

Facebook or Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase ourselves with filtered, edited, perfected poses. What we don’t see often are the dirty dishes in the sink , the dog that is currently pooping on the floor all while the toddler is having ANOTHER meltdown for no apparent reason. Yes. I’m talking about my own house last night. I’m guilty …

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